Gardens of Switzerland

Swiss Gardens and Landscapes

Gardens of Switzerland is an initiative that was created to raise awareness and to promote the gardens of the Swiss Confederation. Each Canton has its own heritage of both public and private gardens which are distinguished by a high level of maintenance.

Gardens of Switzerland, as well as creating a network of gardens open to the public, wants to contribute to a better knowledge of the Swiss history of Art of gardens and botany by organizing conferences, courses and publications.

Switzerland is famous worldwide for both its pharmaceutical and watch industry, and as being an important financial center, it is less known for the care taken in maintaining its landscapes. We believe that gardens are not a minor form of art but instead an important aspect of community living. 
The brand name is in English so as to be recognizable by a wider public internationally. It will, we hope, be easier to find Swiss Gardens open to the public and therefore we can contribute to increasing tourism at least 8 months a year.

The first event, organized by Gardens of Switzerland was the international conference "Follies: the World in a Garden" held on June 28, 2014 at Parco Scherrer, Morcote. The next event will be a botanical treasure hunt on the 6th of April 2015.

Gardens of Switzerland wants to be a new way to raise awareness of Switzerland, with its spectacular scenary and native flora.

Dietikon - Zürich
Art parks
Rapperswill - Jona
Art parks
Isole di Brissago

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